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القائمة الداخلية


  • Legitimacy

    IMCTC derives its legitimacy from the fact that most Muslim countries have joined this Coalition and that it enjoys the support and respect of the international community

  • Sovereignty

    Ensure the respect of member countries’ sovereignty and autonomy of their laws and regulations

  • Participation

    Engage all member countries in all stages of work, starting from the stages of study and planning up to analysis and decision-making

  • Common Purpose

    All member countries agree on the critical importance of this Coalition and the alignment of its vision and strategic objectives

  • Cooperation

    Consolidation of the principle of cooperation and coordination among member and supporting countries and international organizations

  • Agility

    Operate in a streamlined fashion, with the ability to make timely and quick decisions

  • Localization

    Utilization of local culture across all member countries for fighting terrorism, while taking into account this very culture in devising local and regional solutions

  • Partnerships

    Partner with international organizations and supporting nations of advanced capabilities in counterterrorism

  • Resourcing

    Facilitate the contributions of Member Countries, based on their capabilities and willingness, to fund counter extremism and terrorism initiatives

1/27/2021 2:09 PM