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القائمة الداخلية

Seeking to achieve the sought objectives from community participation which contributes in developing the IMCTC Center efforts, it is requested that the following terms and conditions for community participation should be consulted: 

  • Adhere to the teachings and manners of Islam and national customs, traditions and regulations of the headquarters country (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). 
  • Comply with the publishing laws adopted in the headquarters country (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). 
  • Write the content to be published in a clear language. 
  • Do not send the content more than once. 
  • Refrain from writing any phrase or word that is offensive, against decency, contains an insulting or defamatory criticism of any person or entity, or religious, sectarian or racially offensive meanings.
  • The content should be serious, objective and brief.
  • Do not publish any personal information such as names, contact information and addresses and do not market for any other entity.
  • Do not misuse IMCTC Center's services provided for e-participation in a way that might affect their performance, safety level, speed or continuity or deny others from accessing them. ​


3/2/2021 3:13 PM