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القائمة الداخلية

E-community participation has provided an opportunity for all age groups of different nationalities to communicate their opinions and views through numerous communication channels which communicate them directly to the IMCTC Center's relevant department or authority. These participations will be then addressed while fully preserving the principle of privacy and confidentiality of information.

Based on the values of the IMCTC Center in activating partnerships by utilizing all the views and proposals which contribute to the development of its efforts and ongoing projects in order to achieve its objectives and vision, the IMCTC Center is keen to oversee and review all the participations prior to their publication in compliance with the IMCTC Center's policy, national policies in the headquarters country and other relevant policies. Media Department is responsible of overseeing community participation in the IMCTC Center. 

All society groups can participate in discussing issues and topics related to IMCTC Center activities, thereby contributing to the enactment of laws and decisions, improving performance, supporting the mechanism for developing appropriate procedures and services, as well as other benefits which e-participation yields, such as achieving the transparency principle and increasing the size and coverage of participation to include many society groups.

In this regards, IMCTC Center offers this opportunity for those who wish to communicate with it, to ensure full freedom of participation and the opportunity for all to communicate their voices to officials. The IMCTC Center reserves the right not to publish or delete what it considers to be contrary to its policy or applicable laws. The IMCTC Center, its personnel or delegates cannot in any case be held legally responsible for the consequences of publishing comments or observations through electronic means.


3/2/2021 3:04 PM