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القائمة الداخلية

​On-line participation process goes through many phases, starting from obtaining opinions and suggestions to assisting in decision making until the final decision is taken. The IMCTC Center is entitled to adjust, accelerate or bypass certain phases depending on the topics involved. These phases include: 

1. Proposal 
The IMCTC Center publishes the themes for the target audience or the public and requests e-participation in decision-making through its website. The proposal includes the participation theme, an introduction about it, proposal objectives and participation duration.

2. Publishing 
The IMCTC Center publishes the topics on its website and requests the public to provide e-community participation to obtain suggestions, opinions and recommendations on one or several topics targeted by the IMCTC Center. 

3. Collection of e-participations 
After opening and managing the available e-participation channels according to the e-participation policy, the IMCTC Center collects and categorizes participations then communicates and responds to participations that require any clarification or assistance. 

4. Analysis of participations 
After the expiry of the specified time limit for participation in a theme and collection of participations, participation will be closed by the IMCTC Center to start the phase of screening and analyzing participations and using the most suitable and appropriate one for the IMCTC Center.

5. Taking decision and announcing it
After participation analysis phase, the IMCTC Center studies these participations and takes whatever it deems appropriate and feasible for its benefit in the decision-making process.

6. Close discussion and archive
After decision announcement phase, discussion topic will be closed officially, all documents related to e-participation will be archived and a report will be developed and archived about all phases of participations. For example, this report will include the following: 

  • Study and assess the initial situation and justify the need for e-participation.
  • Detailed statistics about the participation process. 
  • A report about the achievements and obstacles in the participation process as well as future recommendations.



3/2/2021 3:11 PM